Salko (UK) Limited Environmental Policy Statement

Salko (UK) Limited is fully committed to minimising the effect of its activities on the environment and has established environmental controls as part of an integrated management system, addressing the environmental risks associated with the provision of its services to industry. 

The Directors and management are actively involved and responsible for ensuring that this policy is effectively implemented within the business and that each employee and operative understands their moral and legal duty to comply with this policy and all relevant legislation. 

We aim to continually improve our environmental performance by increasing our knowledge of the issues and by continually monitoring, reviewing and improving our environmental management controls, being mindful of the need for sustainable development. 

To achieve this and prevent pollution we will set realistic targets and pursue the following key objectives relating to our actives: 

  • Identify and comply with all appropriate legislation and regulations set down by governments and regulatory authorities, exceeding them whenever possible. 
  • To monitor the impact of our activities on the environment and make sure it is minimised. 
  • Identification and management of our environmental aspects and impacts to minimise the negative impact on the environment and to identify positive environmental impact opportunities. 
  • Where necessary establish effective controls to ensure the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems or other relevant environmental issues. 
  • To involve management, employees and operatives in safeguarding the environment. 
  • Work towards increasing environmental efficiency through best practice and technology. 
  • Promote the use of sustainable or recycled sources for materials. 
  • Minimising the waste we produce and ensuring it is managed properly. 
  • To introduce recycling disciplines where practicable and to prevent pollution. 
  • Minimise the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere. 
  • Promote responsible and efficient use of resources, particularly company vehicles. 
  • Integrating our environment policy and environmental best practice into our projects and purchasing activities and encouraging our suppliers, partners and contractors to demonstrate similar good practice. 
  • Prevent or otherwise minimise disturbance of the local community, wildlife and natural features by controlling nuisance that may arise e.g. noise, vibration, light, dust, mud, odours and traffic. 
  • Respect the community in which we operate and actively support and encourage initiatives for environmental protection and enhancement. 
  • Minimise the likelihood and severity of environmental incidents by employees, subcontractors, operatives and suppliers, by acting preventatively and periodically testing emergency arrangements in partnership with our Clients. 
  • Ensure the effective maintenance of an Environment Management System (in line with ISO 14001:2015) as part of a wider integrated management system. 
  • Undertake continuous monitoring and improvement of the company’s environmental management processes. 
  • For management, employees and operatives to be bought in to safeguarding the environment and encourage our people to be aware of, and to participate in, good environmental practice both at and beyond their places of work. 

Specific arrangements for the implementation of this policy will be addressed within the appropriate Company Integrated Management System procedures. 


Steve Mason 

Managing Director

6th January 2022

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