Casing Repairs

A proven track record of delivering a responsive service and broad capabilities

The Salko team have carried out repairs on most major casing types in the UK CCGT fleet be that GT or ST. We offer you a complete service. The team provides everything required to complete the repair onsite during your inspection.

We are able to offer our own coded welders working to Salko welder procedures for a wide variety of materials and welding processes, including cast materials.

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Where we do it

Some systems and projects we have worked on:

  • GT Main casing
  • CMAS
  • Carriers
  • LP/IP/HP casings
  • Erosion rings
What we do

Our current services include:

  • Assessment & repair recommendations
  • Repair preparation of component
  • Coded Welders, welding plant and consumables
  • NDT and heat treatment services (with established partners)
  • Specialist dedicated tooling container
  • Pre and post reports
  • Full quality pack production
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