Auxiliary Systems

A Flexible Service Offering Expertise and Support

At Salko we provide a full range of support for mechanical and rotating equipment throughout the world. We know our customers deserve a contracting partner aiding them to maximise performance and minimise risk.

Our success is a direct result of our highly skilled workforce. Engaging with our clients to ensure a tailored package, allowing quality results every time. We are able to offer a variety of services for a large range of auxiliary equipment, both onsite and offsite.

This can be as a small team integrated into a larger onsite outage team or operating independently as a turnkey project.

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What we offer

Onsite overhaul and servicing of Auxiliary Equipment covered:

  • Motor removal, overhaul and refitting (also offsite)
  • Pump removal, overhaul and refitting (also offsite)
  • Blow Off Valves
  • VIGV actuators
  • Pruss & Voith valves and actuators
  • Coolers
  • Fans
  • Accumulators
  • AMOT valves
  • DP valves removal, overhaul and refitting (also offsite)
  • Pneumatic valves removal, overhaul and refitting (also offsite)
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Dual Filters
  • ST Stop/Control valves and actuators
  • Adams valves
What we do

Our current services include:

  • Planned and unplanned Maintenance
  • Motor removal, onsite testing and install
  • Mechanical inspections, scheduled overhauls and replacement of consumable/life expired parts
  • Offsite overhauls (with established partners) including spares provision
  • Transportation
  • Pipe fitting, piping supports and fabrication/repairs
  • Removal and refitting of instrumentation
  • Swagelok trained
  • Decommissioning (in particular fuel oil, MBN/MBU systems)
  • Specialist dedicated tooling container
  • Turnkey solutions
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