Instrumentation & Calibration

Delivering Efficient Expertise and Quality First Time

We understand how important your equipment is to your business, therefore, we offer a full onsite calibration service to help minimise downtime and loss of revenue.

Salko’s expert technicians specialise in onsite plant calibrations, delivered safely, to schedule and with the quality right the first time.

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What we do

Our current services include:

  • New Installations (covering all station instruments)
  • Maintenance Services, Fault Diagnostics and Calibration (routine and unplanned support)
  • ATEX / Hazardous Area Work (New install; Maintenance services; and Inspection)
  • Transducer calibration, Data system Calibration and Physical End to End Calibration
Where we do it

Some systems and projects we have worked on:


  • Full instrumentation GT, ST, Generator, HRSG and Balance of Plant
  • Vibration systems
  • SEV Lance TC inspect, test & replacement
  • TAT replacement
  • Bearing TC inspect, test & replacement
  • Cooling air systems (MBH) TC inspect, test & replacement
  • ATEX hazardous area inspections & reports
  • Flame Detectors & Ignition Torches
  • Valve & Solenoid inspect, test & replacement
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