Exhaust Repair

Extensive Experience Delivered As A Turnkey Service

Salko is able to offer a turnkey service to your GT26 exhaust system from the EGH through to diffuser 1 and 2.

We have extensive experience of repairs in a closed unit. Be it local patch repairs to the EGH inner liner, TAT bush replacement, NOx cross repairs, repair and installation of flow deflectors or crack repairs to the blow off canopy.

Once the unit is open we are able to complete larger scale works including nose cone replacement, Mercedes star strut removal and replacement, rib repairs and patch repairs to the inner and outer liners.

We can do a complete EGD 1 liner replacement. Including procurement of the liners, installation materials, insulation and its application and full site turnkey management.

Our team has the experience and have completed training from the OEM for the GT26 exhaust system in Switzerland.

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Where we do it

Some systems and projects we have worked on:

  • Exhaust Gas Housing
  • Exhaust Gas Diffuser 1
  • Exhaust Gas Diffuser 2
What we do

Our current services include:

  • Assessment & repair recommendations
  • Design, procurement and fabrication of exhaust hot gas path components
  • Pipe fitting, onsite fabrication works, removal of instrumentation
  • Coded Welders, welding plant, consumables and NDT services
  • Specialist dedicated tooling container
  • Insulation services (with established partners)
  • Pre and post reports
  • Full quality pack production
  • Turnkey solutions
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