OTC Repair

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Tube leaks on the GT26 OTC’s are a known issue.  Salko has the experience of carrying out leak searches on the HP and LP OTC and then completing the repair.

This involves cutting off the cap ends, carrying the pressure test to confirm the leaks, plugging the affected lines, retesting and then re-welding the cap ends with the required heat treatment and NDT.

All this can be carried out onsite by our experienced team.  Additionally we can install OTC preservation modifications.

Learn more about our OTC Repairs work >> [LINK > Case Study 2 – OTC Leak Search & Repair]

What we offer

OTC components covered for the GT26:

  • HP OTC
  • LP OTC
What we do

Our current services include:

  • Assessment & repair recommendations
  • Pressure testing and leak detection
  • Pipe fitting and onsite fabrication works
  • Coded Welders, welding plant and consumables
  • NDT and heat treatment services (with established partners)
  • Specialist dedicated tooling container
  • Pre and post reports
  • Full quality pack production
  • Turnkey solutions
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