We offer a variety of industrial welding services to complement your project

At Salko we have a strong reputation for the professional delivery of fabrication, installation and repair welding. Our expertise is underpinned by a comprehensive library of Welding Procedure Specifications. Mechanical integrity is assured through formal qualification to both ASME and British/ISO standards.

The team is made up of highly experienced industry professionals who are coded to both ISO and ASME standards. We specialise in manual arc welding processes covering MMA, MIG, MAG, TIG and Flux Cored. Through our technical support team we are able to deliver orbital and mechanised welding techniques and other processes as applications and requirements arise.

Our welders are coded to both ISO and ASME standards for pipework, pressure vessels, ducting, tanks and structural work. We cover carbon and creep resisting alloy steels, cryogenic steels, austenitic stainless and high nickel alloys. We are also able to quickly qualify and deliver to any additional requirements of our clients as needs arise. This can be a valuable benefit when responding to emerging demands common within outage repair and maintenance shutdowns. By the carefully controlled utilisation of specialist techniques like mirror welding and temper bead processes we are able to address issues and quickly return plant to service.

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Our teams are deployed as fully self contained with:

  • Welding plant and equipment (including appropriate LEV)
  • Dedicated tooling and fabrication tool containers
  • Certified welding consumables
  • Welding gases
  • NDT services and heat treatment (with established partners)
  • Hole watch and management support teams
  • Suitable and planned ventilation and respiration systems (All welders are supplied with a personal CleanSpace2® respirator)
  • Issuance of Welding Quality record packs
Where we do it

Some of the markets we cover:

  • Thermal Power Generation
  • Down Stream Oil & Gas
  • Process Plant
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food and Beverages
  • Ducting
  • Structural
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